Q: How long do you keep backups?

A: Archives are generated monthly, quarterly, and annually. More details can be found in our hosting agreement.

Q: What are your backup policies?

A: All site files and databases are backed up once a day and stored in an off-server location. Full backups are taken weekly and differential backups are taken each night. AspDotNetStorefront maintains these backups only for disaster recovery. Customers should request a backup from our Help Desk before making any changes that could result in data loss.

Q: Is my website safe with AspDotNetStorefront?

A: Yes. We have years of experience developing, deploying and hosting ASP.NET e-commerce websites. You can rest assured that your website is in the hands of experts with your security and online success as our primary goal.

Q: Can I backup my own site and database?

A: You can backup all your site files using the provided FTP access, but clients are unable to backup their own databases. Please contact us to request a database backup.