Before you launch your upgrade, make sure you're ready! Below are a few things to consider before taking your new store live:

Act like a customer:

  • Click on every link. (Particularly in the header, top navigation, and footer.)
  • View your site on multiple devices.
  • Test functionality.


Manage your store:

  • Log into the admin console and familiarize yourself with the layout
  • Review your most popular products and product groups on your homepage
  • Review the topics associated with your new template so you know how to apply changes after you're live

It's important to ensure that returning customers can find the items they're looking for, as well as check to see that your products are being displayed the way you want them to be. 

Before we set a launch date, we'll be seeking your agreement that the site is complete, and go-live ready.

Use this checklist as a guide to test your store and make sure you're ready to launch. 

Once you've tested your store & submitted your pre-launch checklist, we'll work with the team at Ratex to enable your store's integration with a Visual Ratex test account. The Ratex team will carry out a series of tests to ensure connectivity between the VR program and the new store. Once they've completed their testing, they'll turn the staging site back over to you to carry out a final round of tests after which we'll set a date/time to launch the new store.